Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Liberal Media and other Fairytales: The Liberal Media has reared its ugly head since the disasters in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. It pulled a sneak attack by playing opossum since the election of 2000 and thereby convincing everyone that it had indeed died a lonely death. The Liberal Media apparently died shortly after George W. Bush stole/bought the 2000 election and proclaimed himself the legitimate leader of the Free World. How do you come to such conclusions you might wonder? Reason and some logical thought may lead to such decrees. Situation: The World trade Center gets attacked on Sept 11th and what does our esteemed leader do? He sits in front of a class of school children for SEVEN MINUTES!! and appears not to have a clue as to what comes next? Shouldn't the Liberal Media have jumped on him and screamed "Do Something! Act like a leader!" No criticism from anyone (except Michael Moore and look how far out of the mainstream he is!) Situation: After the invasion of Iraq no Weapons of Mass Destruction were found. Further the Downing Street Memos indicate that there never were WMDs in Iraq. Even further, the alleged uranium Saddam was trying to buy from Africa turned out not to be true. So we have a sitting Republican President who has at least is in an embarrassing position and where is the Liberal Media? If they are indeed the enemy of the Republican State then they should have been jumping on this like white on rice. . Situation: The Tsunami hits Christmas 2004 and about a half a gajillion people in Asia die. Bush is on vacation and it takes about four days for him to dig himself outta of the snowbanks at Crawford TX and get some aid to those folks. Where's the outrage? Where was the Liberal Media? Situation: Too many soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq to support policies that vague and always changing. We got Saddam and we didn't get the WMDs let's go home. Maybe the real war in is Afghanistan or maybe North Korea? No Liberal Media here either! All of a sudden after Katrina, the Liberal Media is back with its nasty leftist agenda to smear the good names of Mike Brown and George Bush. I hear this bullshit from people who can't accept that their esteemed leader is not well versed in leadership. He chose poorly when he promoted Mr. Brown from the President of the Arabian Horse Club to the head of FEMA. I hear Brown is a swell guy, a great trial lawyer and he knows boccoos about Arabian horses. He didn't know how to respond to a disaster like Katrina and people died. It also appears to some that Mr. Bush may be a racist! I don't buy that argument. He's not a racist because a racist sees only the color of a person's skin. The only color that Bush and his kind are predisposed to favor is the color of money! If your bank account hasn't got enough zeros then you don't count in their book! So maybe there is no such thing as the Liberal Media. If there were ,do you think they would have had a field day since 2000? No Virginia, the bad old Liberal Media is a myth that is as old as the country. One of the chief proponents of the Modern Myth, Reed Irvine, died not too long ago. You think maybe the myth follows the man.