Sunday, August 22, 2004

Cigars, CD's, and things going on
So much stuff goin on on all fronts. I found another cigar I like called Quorum and it is actually more in my price range. I smoke St Luis Rey most of the time but at $3.50 a pop who can afford this for long? Quorum is from Nicaragua and it is a good smoke. They are about half the price of St. Luis's and are just as satisfying. One day when the cash train makes a long stop here I plan to smoke Montecristos. They cost about $10-$18 dollars a piece! My hero, Kinky Freidman (cigar aficionado, musician, crime novel writer) smokes Montecristo#2 and always writes about good they are. I guess when you sell a lot of books you can afford the best.
I am working on my new CD as we speak. After all these years of putting it off I am going to put it out. I just plain ran out of excuses! I am going to do the whole thing myself and I mean the whole thing. I am going to pull a Prince and play all the instruments, do the arranging, producing and mastering. I have most of the drums ready to go, I wrote the songs so I have a basic arrangement in mind and I have the editing software. It's gonna take a while so be patient.
Peaches' Birthday or why are there two of her?
Disco Diva, Peaches/Papa Smurf, Ransom, Angie/Justin, MJ, Dicey, Papa Smurf's flight instructor, Leslie Delicious, Amy/Jay,Curley, King Louie /Connie and Faye/Me celebrated Peaches' birthday. We started calmly enough at Nacho Mama's with a few margaritas and food. Justin and I talked about hunting rattlesnakes in Burke county and made some vague plans about a mini roundup. We will only 'hunt' along the dirt roads and not off in the bushes. This is dangerous enough without giving Mr. Rattler any more advantages. We plan to use a pellet gun to the head to stun Mr. Rattler then we'll slip a noose on him (from a good distance). After that it's time to toss him in the bucket and close the lid.
The party had a change of venue when we left Mexico and traveled to Hale Tiki. There it really cranked when the scorpion bowls, mango coolers, and Fog Cutters started to flow. Scorpion Bowls are a community drink between 3-4 people (separate straws) and can help you feel in tune with others real quick! Leslie D and I drank most of one while Curley and Faye quaffed another. I think we had several bowls going at once between all the people and everybody got happy! King Louie got a Fog Cutter that tasted like insecticide but he bravely clung to the drinker's code-"if you buy it, you drink it". I tried that with La Florida but the cloying orange and chocolate flavors started to turn my stomach and I didn't want to miss Modjeska.
We stumbled to Modjeska after our time at the Tiki bar and finally arrived at the White Party. I had been looking forward to this all week. Everyone wore white garments mostly. Some were decked all in white while others had on the obligatory shirt or pants. Modjeska is/was a vaudeville theatre that has been renovated into a cool as hell disco. I can't dance worth shit but I love to go there and join in the mass of booties shaking. The music was loud as a jet plane and the decor has a 1940's vibe that gets me everytime.
For some reason, Amy/Jay didn't get in and that's too bad because the midgets were out. She confided in us last week that midgets give her the creeps. This was a very Dylanesque scene in the bar with everyone dressed in white, the fog machine blowing and two midgets dancing around. The circus atmosphere was punctuated by Curley dancing shirtless and Disco Diva just dancing. Leslie D.was a divine addition to our dancing party and she apparently had a real good time!
Faye and I left the club and stumbled up the street with Leslie D and Disco Diva in tow. We remanded said lovelies to the company of Dicey who drove them home.
Next time, we'll have to talk about dead Confederates, new studio toys, more records and smelly old ladies at yard sales.