Monday, June 14, 2004

Unfucking Real! The Truckers finally made it to Augusta.

The Drive Bys finally made it to our little corner of Hell and played the Imperial Theater on May 29, 2004. One Eyed Jimmy and Buddy made it to the Imperial in time for the ticket hand out and we ran into Patterson in the alley and caught up for awhile. It was great to see him and we did the old bear hug when we saw each other. We traded a few stories and I noted the personnel changes in the band. Patterson said "The road will weed them out". Pizza delivery (deliverance) came to the alley and we decided to wander off and let the boys(and girl) get ready.

Paulie and the Athens Contigent made it here about 7:00pm and we all decided to skip Stewart and Winfield and go drinking. We found a good watering hole at The Tap Room and I ordered us up some Heife Weizen which is good when it's hot as Hell. Heife Weizen on draft- note to self: remember this. The Tap room band was tuning and setting up for a night's revelry while we chugged brew.

About 9 o'clock we started to get antsy and decided to wander on down. One Eyed Jimmy and I had second row seat right smack in the middle of the place.

The Truckers kicked off with "Lookout Mountain" and I was singing along at the top of my lungs. They kept right on chugging with songs off Southern Rock Opera and Decoration Day. For me one of the highlights of the evening was "The Living Bubba" from Gangstabilly.I never met Greg Smalley in person- I know him through Patterson and this song. I wished I had gone to see him before he died. I heard he played 100 shows the last year of his life and that he could barely stand up. I think I even saw a photo of him with IV's hooked up and playing another show. He was shoving it back in Death's face as AIDs took him apart. "I can't worry long 'cause I got another show to do". Man, I hope I can fight like that when the time comes.

Any way, I am going to post pics of DBT as soon as I figure out how. Until then.....