Thursday, January 13, 2005

I replaced "you yelled so loud..You scared my mule" with a new blog script. I got tired of the old one and after I heard this new one the other night. Well, it just made sense.

This past week people in our town have been playing golf in shirt sleeves and avoiding yellow green clouds of chlorine gas. That's how fucked up Karma can be sometimes. On one side of the world, 150,000 human beings lost their lives in the greatest natural disaster in our times. This shit is like the destruction of Pompeii or the sacking of Rome. The Tsunami is a major bigtime tragedy with implications that we won't even be able to understand. It makes the Titanic and even 911 seem a little smaller by comparison.
Closer to home- just over the river at least nine people died in that train wreck and subsequent aforementioned cloud of chlorine. No telling what the long term effects of that will be. It 'll be awhile before we venture over to the Blue Top Grill to eat. I look forward to that day. Graniteville will make a comeback but how will it change that beautiful village in the Valley? People will never see the Norfolk and Southern railroad the same again.

I have a theory that God must be like Mr. Magoo and he is armed with a giant rocket launcher. He knows all of us are fucking up one way or another but some like Ben Ladin, Saddam and the boys from Halliburton are doing things that effect everybody. 150,000 people in one of the poorest regions in the world did not need to die! God must be myopic or his aim is off! Think about it- a cosmic Mr. Magoo with a rocket launcher! Comforting!
Karma's funny that way.