Sunday, June 05, 2005

"Let's go home and have sex- my coochie's clean and it smells GOOD!"- Peaches.

What is the value of a clean house? Well, not owning one limits my knowledge of the subject. I have visited several in the course of 46 years and as a frequent visitor, I can say "Please clean the foyer on a regular basis!" Poor Vickie from Ponderosa was lax in that department and she (we) missed out on some great sex when we were 16. Vickie was everything any 16 year old boy could want -she had a pulse and she wanted to get it on! She really was sweet and she thought I hung the moon ( I still don't know who told her that!). Her foyer was not prepped and the ambiance was unpleasant. It reminded me of Venice, Italy (the old city by the sea) with the canals and the sea water and the eels. Did you know Venice had eels? I found this out when I walked through the ancient streets and saw the fishmongers with their wares for sale. The eels still had the heads on and one stood up and " Do I look familiar?"He sounded just like Big Pussy Bompensaro from The Sopranos.
Actually, I copped that last gag from the episode of The Sopranos after Pussy got whacked. Tony, Paulie Walnuts and Sal took Big Pussy on fishing trip and now Pussy sleeps with the fishes. Tony has a dream where he walking by a fishmongers cart and one of the big fish starts talking to him. It is the voice of Big Pussy. Actually, it's Tony feeling guilty for whacking his best friend but that's business.
We had a great discussion the other day about The Sopranos- Church Lady , Hermes and I. CL watched 10 minutes of an episode at a friend's house and decided the whole lot of 'em were going to Hell in a Handbasket in the Express Lane. I'm not sure who's going to Hell and who's not- it's not my job to decide that. It would appear that anyone who could kill another for money or to keep from going to jail must be a heartless sociopath. But that's what The Sopranos is about-the moral struggles of someone who kills, steals, and brutalizes people in the course of their business dealings. It like Tony Soprano said "You're born into this shit!"
In my humble opinion, lots of people get screwed in business deals every day- it's the American Way. Look at the Enron scandal, the Tyco rip off and Haliburton. At Enron and Tyco, the leaders ripped off the shareholders and made off with lots and lots of bucks. In an incident like that, there almost surely was bribery and lots of lying going on. Maybe nobody got whacked but still the wolves raided the henhouse.
Bob Dylan once said "To live outside the law you must be honest". Tony Soprano, even though he exists only on a soundstage in Burbank, is more honest to me than the pirates of Tyco and Enron. With Tony, what you see is what you get, and with these other thieves, you never know.