Monday, December 15, 2003

My Christmas wish- Michael Jackson amd Saddam Hussein in the same damn jail cell!

It ain't gonna happen in 2003 but maybe by 2010, these two boils on the ass of humanity will swappin' spit and Valentines in federal prison near you!
I couldn't believe when they flashed this asshole's mug on the screen early Sunday morning. He looked like he'd been buttfucked by several camels and left for dead. He looked like one of the homeless guys who panhandle near the 5th Street bridge. This guy was a dictator??? I guess all these punks look small and insignificant without their guns and bodyguards.

What punishment for him? First off, he can't be killed but once so the death penalty is rather moot. He definitely deserves it but it seems trivial since he can only die once.
He needs to be kept out of the International Court at the Hague because those pussies have no backbone or credibilty. He won't get the death penalty there. He needs to be tried in an Iraqui court by an American/Iraqui tribunal and given a fair trial. After that he needs to be visited by some Kurdish families who lost love ones in the 1988 massacre. Or he could be housed in an isolation cell near some Kurdish prisoners. Sometimes the threat of violence is more effective than the actual event.

Maybe since he hates the West so much we could house him at San Quentin or Atlanta and make him watch American TV on a daily basis. The TV would never be turned off and he would be bombarded with Western decadence until he begs for death. Could you imagine Jerry Springer, soap operas and inane commercials day and night for years? At first he wouldn't get it but after so much exposure to the language and culture, he would begin to crack. We could make him watch bad TV movies and car ads and Fran Drescher!!!!

I think this is a viable alternative to death penalty and is a fitting punishment for someone like him!

Friday, December 12, 2003

I am still stuck in this episode of Sick and can't seem to get out of it. I finally broke down and went to the doctor on Wednesday. They gave me Zithromax and another decongestant for something called Sinobronchial Syndrome. I don't give a fuck what it is called just get my head to stop pounding! I am blowing shit outta my head that is plain purelent! I am coughing up bits and pieces of lung and I swear a small piece of bronchiole went flying across the room yesterday. The kitten grabbed it and ran off with it! I think I may need that piece of lung later you fucking cat! I will go look for my missing lung when my head stops pounding.

I have missed 7 consecutive days at work and that is a recent record. I think I may have missed almost that many when I worked as an Ober Shite Meister at the psych unit. An Ober Shite Meister roughly translates into "He who is Boss of the Shit" in German.

I think this is what we used to call a sinus infection and I haven't had one like this in about ten years. I used to keep them on a regular basis and could count on having about four bouts a year. We used to have small children and I think I kept a serious sinus infection for about a year and a half. I hated to have them damn things because I worked with a bunch of people who never got them. When you don't get 'em you don't understand the pain!

I also used to go to a Nurse practitioner for treatment and she was a fucking imbecile. Nazi Nancy was sure there were no treatments for sinus infections or vasomotor rhinitis or whatever this shit is. She always prescribed the same shit- amoxicillin and some decongestant. Amoxicillin is for lame ass infections like a small cut or scratches. Amoxicillin can't handle the big boys of the germ world.

The weird thing about all these germs is that they are fucking getting resistant to drugs. Nazi Nancy didn't get that- she had her head up her ass as far as new treatments go. She finally got tired of seeing me- I could tell- she'd give me that "why are you here whining on my doorstep " look. Fucking bitch! I hope she gets a sinus infection that never goes away.

I have been able to keep them at bay for a good while. Thank God I found an ear nose and throat specialist who knew how to treat this shit. I am also glad that some researchers have developed new meds to deal with this. Flonase has been a blessing.

Well, my head is back to pounding and I am off to the couch for more great TV entertainment! Fran Drescher is chasing me around the room yelling "My Fazizzle has gone Flamizzle!" help!!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2003

VYVYAN: [comes back with a duffle bag] I'm afraid I couldn't find any needles, so we'll have to use 6-inch nails.

RICK: Vyvyan, you can't do acupuncture with 6-inch nails.

This is from an episode of The Young Ones called Sick and that's where I am right now. I've got this virus or whatever that going around. My fucking head is killing me, my throat feels like somebody seared it with a blowtorch and I hurt all over. I mean even my teeth hurt. I brushed my hair this morning and it felt like someone was yanking it out by the roots.

In case you are wondering, The Young Ones ran for about two seasons on British TV. It was hilarious and dreadful at times. The story centered around four male students who shared a flat. Neil was a fucking hippy and everyone hated him, Mike was "normal" he was a womanizing, beer swilling capitalist, Rick had a hard -on for Cliff Richards literally and quoted Cliff in every political discussion. Vyvyian was a hardcore heavy metal freak who enjoyed smashing walls and furniture. I think this show had flashes of brilliance and mediocrity at the same time. Catch it if you can it's worth the time.

Today's offering will be short and probably off the mark-but it is hard to tap keys through a fucking head full of pain and mucus.

What's with this Paris Trout sex video? I heard about it on the 'net and I think I tried to watch a clip or something. I couldn't tell anything it just looked like two people screwing. The clip I saw was dark and not very good.
Ain't she that rich gal who went to Green Acres or something? I liked Green Acres but it never spoke to the deviant inside me like Gilligan's Island did. I mean think of the possibilities for sexual hijinks on Gilligan's Island It's a porno waiting to happen.

I know her name isn't Paris Trout either, it's Paris Hilton. Paris Trout was one of the most reprehensible characters any writer ever created. The movie stars Dennis Hopper as Paris Trout and he is one hateful SOB. I had to quit watching this one because I got too grossed out by his actions. Rent it sometime if you are ever in too good a mood!

Well, the Nyquil, Tylenol #3, herbal tea, and other meds are kicking in. I am off to sleep now and if I live through this I'll see you on the other side!