Saturday, September 18, 2004

I didn't inhale! Posted by Hello

This is Scott Weathers and I when I was about 14 years old. He is Kim's younger brother and we used to hang out all the time. Then something called "Adulthood" got in our way and we haven't been as close as we could be. I hate that shit! Not that I want to be 14 again but for fuck's sake do all your friends have to disapper in the mist? What a way to reconnect! Our sister gets gunned down like a fuckin dog by the Columbia County Sheriff;s Department! That's too painful for anyone to bear. Anyway, pray for the Weathers family but most of all pray harder for Scott. He lost her daughter two years ago to brain cancer, now Kim and his sister, Lisa, has B-cell Lymphoma. He ain't taking it too good. It's a hard fucking row to hoe.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Columbia County Deputies murdered Kim Weathers:
Hurricane in the Atlantic-145 mph winds, G. W. Bush sucking up to fuck it up even more. Cops got the guns_ Kim's dead in a pool of blood on a hot August night. Motherfucking cops! Killers! "News Break this just in: Officer Friendly is dead! killed by friendly fire. Keystone cops sent to investigate." Pop Weathers frail old man with his head on the table crying his eyes out. He ll never see her killers. cause they hide behind a badge. congratulate themselves on a clean kill. Cops rubberstamp cops. Law abiding citizens under the gun. Cops got the gun. This ain't my country no more. fuck the cops. useless piles of pig shit. She wrote" Stay sweet and be the one." which one? Lord I m gonna die hard she wrote. Heartbroke! Bad dreams-dreaming of death at the hands of the cops. I’m a single mother please don't shoot. I‘m on Prozac please don’t shoot. Don't mourn organize! Joe Hill said. Took her to the prom. I hate coming home for this. It‘s a hard walk across that yard. I crawled it once a long time ago. The bathroom is still in the same place- some things even Wal Mart can t change. I went back home and the light had gone out .I just cried .Everybody hurts sometimes. Every cop is a criminal and all you sinners saints! Some people know what time it is and some don t. Don t give me no church jive. I want nothing from Readers Digest or Ann Landers. Don t give me platitudes or you ll get attitude. Kim s dead and gone and the world is fucked. That face and smile . Love hurts! I want to be your boyfriend 8 years old. Mind your business she gets me told. Kim smile! funky glasses and a checkered dress. The bright spots are few and far between. It s a mean old world. Amen Little Milton!