Saturday, January 31, 2004

Rock n roll memorabilia and other stuff.

The deal was finalized today and I now own the Peavey 1200 twelve channel mixing board that REM and Jason and the Nashville Scorchers used for the legendary show at the lunchroom at Augusta College in 1982. Notice I said Nashville Scorchers. They dropped the Nashville off the name later on. But in 1982, they were Jason and the Nashville Scorchers and Reckless Country Soul had just been released.

I don't remember the exact date but it was likely April or May of that year. Rem was on the Pilgrimage Tour (their second!) and Jason and the Nashville Scorchers were not known in these parts. Chronic Town was probably in can and due to be released in August 1982.

The cafeteria show was the brain child of Mike Webb who was commuting between Augusta and Athens to go to school. We were hanging out, listening to the Clash , Sex Pistols, rem, Pylon and X. Mike knew the bands fairly well and set up the deal for them to play the cafeteria. He and I went before the Student Council and told them it would be an rem and Jason show. They balked at first but after we badgered the hell out of them, the show was on.

The day of the show I get a frantic call from Mike. Neither band owned a mixing board and could not play without it. Did I know where we could borrow a board at the 11th hour? Of course, I made a call to some other gifted musicians, Kathleen and George Cartledge and borrowed their board (the Peavey 1200). Everything was cool!
We dropped the board off at the soundcheck and returned later for the show. This show is legendary around these parts. Jason and the Nashville Scorchers played a smokin' set that would become their trademark to this day. Warner Hodges wrapped himself in guitar cables and shoved cigarettes in his nose! Rem played like there was no tomorrow. We danced and danced and had the time of our lives.

Somewhere during all this mayhem, the volume faders were pushed to maxium and two LED meters blew out. That's not a big thing and it didn't stop the show. But it's not cool to fuck up any equipment especially borrowed gear. George talked with rem after the show and told them it happened during their set. They were cool and agreed to pay for the damages. Two weeks later , he gets a check from the band to pay for the gear. They weren't making big bucks at this time so I imagine it hurt a little to pony up the money.

I wish George had made a copy of the check before he cashed it. I think that would make this story just a little cooler.

I have two pieces of Rock n roll memorabilia in the studio. In addition to the Peavey 1200, I have a cassette deck that Jack Logan and Rob Veal used to mix down Bulk. Maybe between these two pieces of equipment some good karma will rain down on the sounds I create.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Nappy Head Gear- Happy New Year!

Maybe this is the year Pete Rose finally makes it to the Hall of Fame? I wouldn't hold my breath- He 's about as sincere as carney at Midway game. I wanted to believe in him until he opened his mouth- he sounds like any alcoholic or drug addict. If his mouth is open he's lying! He just don't get it! He's a gambler pure and simple and he ain't gonna change. He bet on the game and his own team and it says in big block letters in the clubhouse- if you do this you get banished for life. No Cooperstown for you Bub!

D. J Hack has done it again. Somehow, he persuaded the Vultures Motorcycle club somewhere in Brazil to have their picture taken with the Barking Cat logo. Please go to our website listed somewhere around here to see the pic. But not this minute because I haven't posted it yeti.
He says it ain't much of a motorcycle club as they one have one bike per ten guys!! But the bike they do have is very cool-it's got Batman designs and some kind of castle on the trailer. I guess it's a portable castle and we all know how handy those are! Thanks Vultures!

The Goddess of Thrift (Saint Gertrude of the Alley) has been good to yours truly of late. I scored a Johnny Cash I walk the Line lp on Columbia, a Pink Panther nightlite from the '60's (it works!), a 45 rpm of "Telephone Man" by Meri Wilson ( Hey Lolly Lolly, it's the Telephone Man), two Video discs from the '80's (The Firesign Theater and The Magnificent Seven) and a stack of '78's. I would like to thrift in Brazil with DJ hack and the Vultures!

Good luck in 2004!