Friday, April 23, 2004

Learn to fuckin' count, Count!

My last post about the record count was off- way off! I guess my eyesight is failing or my glasses were dirty. The count was 2375 not 2275 as first posted. The actual number is now 2400 since I added some I purchased in the last two weeks.
Had some incredible finds- Eddie Cochran "Something Else" on Liberty 45rpm VG- shape.
Doug Warren and the Rays- "Around Midnight" on Image VG- shape 45 rpm. Andy Griffith "What it was was Football" on Capitol Ep 45 PS in Vg+ shape. The Beatles "Introducing the Beatles" on Vee Jay LP 33. I'm still not sure about this one as I haven't researched the Beatles price guide. I can't figure out if it's an US or UK pressing or if it is a US pressing is it east coast or west coast? I have figured out it is not one of the super duper rare ones with the oval logo. These are worth about $300-$600 depending on condition. I'll take mine whatever the premium on it 'cause it's a great record in terrific shape.
Last post I was going on about Butcher covers and whatnot. I did find a copy of Yesterday and Today without the Butcher aprons. It was trashed along with Let It Be, Revolver and Magical Mystery Tour. I rescued that copy of The Beatles on Vee Jay from the same box where these other would be treasures were stored. I wish some people took better care of their freakin' records!

We had a good week for music- with all the Thrift store finds and record rescues. We saw Prince in Columbia, SC. It was way too fucking awesome to include in this post. I could write three or four posts on the show because it was that good! Don't miss the Musicology Tour when it rolls into your town. More on that later!

Thursday, April 15, 2004

2275, two thousand two hundred seventy five! 2275, Can't say it enough!

I just got through cataloging my record collection and there are 2275 total for now! That's 2275 pieces of vinyl-45's 78's and LPs I haven't even started the CD collection and probably won't until after we finish recording. 2275 represents about twenty years of record collecting. Trips to the flea market, thrift store, yard sales and radio stations have yielded this massive collection. I have thrifted in Ga, SC, tenn, KY, Delaware, England and France. I live for this shit- To go out empty handed on a Saturday morning and return with a boatload of vinyl, toys, and books-Man that's the life!
Things have changed since I started thrifting at the tender age of 14. I didn't buy records at first because I had a snotty attitude "Who wants to listen to this Beatles shit? This cover looks kinda cool with them in Butcher's outfits and the babys all chopped up and bloody." ( I don't think I ever turned away a Butcher's cover but I did have an attitude). For those of you wondering what the hell I'm talking about the Beatles put out a record called Yesterday and Today . The original covers had a picture of the band dressed as Butchers and all around them were bloody parts of plastic dolls. The record company got squeamish about lawsuits and more lawsuits so they pulled the record and changed the cover. A few of the real Butcher covers got out and they are worth a small fortune if you can find them. I'm sure I passed over some great records in those days -if I knew then what I know now!
I had some great thrift teachers along the way- Kurt Wood, Ort, Geoff Sila, Mike Webb, Paul Thomas, Kitty and Gertrude. Mike Webb and I went to H.L. Green's dept. store in Augusta, Ga during its closeout. We bought Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf 45s on the Chess label for fifty cents each! This was in 1980 and some of these records had been there for years. The saddest thing I ever saw while thrifting was in Guthrie, KY. There was a record store that had been closed for many years and the records were still in the store in display cases! The place looked like it closed in the '60s and all these great records were languishing there baking in the sun.
Geoff Sila and I went to the record store in L.A. near Melrose Place. He worked there for a while. We got a Butchers cover, a Dick Dale album and many other rare records and set them up on the counter to take photos of them. I got the bright idea to include Porn so we got a bunch of adult videos and set them up along side the treasures. We goofed with the porn and records and got some classic shots.
My Top 5 thrift store finds of all time are as follows:
1) The Shaggs- Philosophy of the World- Red Rooster label price-$2.00
2) Blind Willie Johnson- Jesus make up my Dyin Bed- Decca 78-price $1.00
3)Jimmie Rodgers-In the Jailhouse Now- Decca 78 -price $1.00
4)Springback James-Decca 78 -price $0.25
5) ZZ Top- Salt Lick/Millers Farm on Scat label- $0.05-one crummy nickel!
I'm worn out from all the typing so I am off to watch High Fidelitywith John Cusack and Jack Black.